Say yes to fundraising cookbooks!

Our Fundraising Cookbooks combine cooking recipes with a fun and innovative way to create funds for your school, team or club at the same time! 

Cookbooks are the ultimate solution if you need to make some extra dough – excuse the pun!

Not only will you be raising funds to buy equipment and supplies, but also you will be educating your pupils and their families about healthy eating in the process.

Anyone who enjoys food and who wants to support their local school, team or club will be sure to buy one of your school fundraising cookbooks. 
This means that you have a huge market to promote your school fundraising ideas including friends and family members of students at school, local businesses, clubs, men and women, young and old. If you can arrange to include a few sponsors the book will pay for itself and you will make 100% of the profits!! 

Cookbooks are very high quality, full colour A5 size with a gloss laminate cover ONLY £8!!

Kids cooking

There are 3 ways of producing the Cookbooks...

We can create a Cookbook that is completely bespoke and made from each child’s favourite family recipes plus photos of their participation. Again if you could arrange some sponsors to pay for the production of the book that would be very beneficial for you.

Use our readymade child-friendly Cookbook and just add your class photo and logo to the front cover. If you can arrange a few sponsors to go inside your book this would help pay for the cost of production and you could sell them for £10-£12 each which would be a fantastic profit for your funding!

Children choose each recipe and add their photos to the pages of their choice. Plus sponsors.

Our hassle-free service includes...

Free design of the layout

Incorporating your school colours, logos and photos to make a stunning and unique cookbook

Produce a proof

So you can see the design and ensure you're happy with everything

Print and deliver

Your new cookbooks straight to your school to be used to raise vital funds

Getting started is easy!

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All you need to do is…